As an 11th year Inyo, Co. resident and 4th year Inyo, Co. Search and Rescue volunteer, I urge you to reject the Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment as currently written, on March 18th, 2014.

My personal reasons for opposing this proposition may not hold as much scientific or historical weight as others you may have read or received, so I will not dwell on them.  I will say that, as a very active upland bird and waterfowl hunter, I am loathe to think of how this disruptive and huge project will affect our sport.  I find that, on any given day during the bird hunting season, I can venture out into the vastness of the Valley and find myself utterly enveloped by openness and grandeur.  I know that at any moment, almost anywhere, a covey of California Quail may present itself in a flurry of flapping and produce a doubling of my heart rate in an instant.  I know that I have an even better chance of seeing owls, raptors, coyotes, hares and rabbits, deer, elk, ducks and geese, and even better yet…no human influence other than some tin cans and obsidian chips.

THIS is why I moved here:  The wide open wild west is alive and well in the Eastern Sierra, Inyos, Whites, and the Owens and Death Valleys.  Please don’t aid and abet in its destruction.

Thank you.

Victor Lawson
Inyo Co. Search and Rescue

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