Inyo County Planning Commission
February 25, 2014

Dear Members of the Commission,

My family has been involved with the Owens Valley since my great-grandfather, George Chaffey, bought the Shepherd House and founded the Owens valley Improvement co. in the early 1900′s.

I, myself, have volunteered at the Manzanar National Historic Site since before the auditorium was restored or there was any staff on site.

That said, I care about what happens there.

While sustainable energy is a goal I believe in, I do not think it should come at the expense of this beautiful valley with such a powerful National history. A 26,750 acre REDA  with facilities and equipment will completely change the landscape and its culture.
The surrounding environment is part of the story told by the National Historic site. It is not just a historical place, it is a teaching tool used regularly with school groups and other groups of young people who, when they become adults, can either repeat this mistake or choose a different pathway. The surroundings are part of that and should not be changed so drastically. The environment matters.

his facility will bring traffic and the feel of industry to the entire central and southern part of the valley.

I urge you not to approve this project.
Susan Chaffey Powell



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