I am not a voter in Inyo County but love the region and grew up in Bishop.  I am also a frequent visitor traveling from both the South and North end of the Owens Valley, which I consider to be the most impressionable source of awesome memories.  Where else (except in the middle of the ocean) can one spread their arms wider than they can think and breathe deeper than they can dream?

I want to make sure that my opinion is lodged regarding draft Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment:

“If there wasn’t so much precious open space (as is the case in over 75% of the State of California), the ONLY way to obtain solar energy would be rooftop solar on existing buildings.  Guess what?  It has proven to be very efficient.  Instead of building a “solar energy plant”, has the Planning Commission considered enacting a regional ordinance which REQUIRES all new buildings and tear-down/remodels of existing buildings to CONVERT to solar-paneled rooftops?  This would attract business to the region (e.g. tax dollars) and lower the cost of energy while making use of this region’s abundance of sunny days.  An incentive for conversion would be for the Planning Commission to cost-share with the owners.  Federal funding is surely available for such an initiative.  Just because this region is endowed with this precious natural resource doesn’t mean that it has to share it with “Outlaw Regions”.  Los Angeles Aqueduct and “California Water Wars” comes to mind…..”

Sherri Lee Smith
Davis, California



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