Planning Dept. and Inyo County Supervisors

I attended the Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday. It was time well spent as I learned a lot about what Inyo County is considering with the REGPA. This has been sold to the public as just the possibility of solar/wind projects in our county. After listening to all the comments from those attending, and hearing what Dana Crom had to say about what is legal and required by Inyo County, I’d say we would be really foolish to accept the REGPA at all. Right now I believe that Inyo County should be trying to figure out how to keep DWP from their huge solar project, not coming up with ideas for more. A couple points. It really sounds like the large solar and wind farms are not the way of the future. That they are actually being abandoned in some places because there are such better ways to create solar in particular. I will not try writing those down but if you’ve read any of the comments from the meeting, that should be very clear. Besides that, Inyo is not required in any way to do this! Why we have heard so little about that I don’t know. Adding solar to lots of rooftops in our county is a fine idea but even that we are not required to do. And you’d not realize that if you weren’t paying very close attention.

Second point. The military is not in favor of this… not solar arrays and especially not wind. The man who spoke on the military’s behalf told the audience that what the military does in our valley is something they can do no where else. What a surprise that was. I would think just that one point would be enough for Inyo County to shelve this idea.

Third point. Even though we were told by Josh Hart that solar uses “very little” water, I question that. I have looked up info on this subject on the internet and don’t think that is exactly true. When it comes to water in our county we have NO water to waste and my feeling is we would be wasting a lot of water trying to keep solar panels clean.

Finally, I have listed the above points as they seem more practical in nature and can hope that our county government can hear them better than the last and most important issue which has been written up by so so many people. The beauty of this area. The importance of it to the animals, the plants and the humans who live here or visit. In ways this is a very harsh environment in other ways it is very delicate and in dire need of protection. Please help take care of our county to the best of your ability and stop thinking there is something to be gained by what is presented in the REGPA.

Thanks for reading,

Roberta McIntosh



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