Owens Valley Growers Cooperative

Owens Valley Growers Cooperative Resolution:

Whereas, Owens Valley Growers Cooperative has recently incorporated as a small business based in Independence with the mission of growing our local food-shed for residents and eco-tourists

Whereas developing our local food-shed consists of increasing small scale local sustainable agriculture and developing markets for locally grown produce

Whereas OVGC has developed a successful Certified Farmers Market in Independence and Lone Pine, which has attracted significant numbers of tourists to the market,

Whereas OVGC seeks to reopen Mairs Market as an access point for healthy food choices, including locally grown produce and added-value products, for residents and tourists,

Whereas OVGC seeks to further an economic development plan that includes job development in work that complements, rather than works against, tourism,

Whereas OVGC needs tourist income to achieve a successful business model,

Whereas small sustainable agriculture can complement tourism by improving the quality of food available to our tourists through local markets and restaurants, and by engaging in land use which is appealing to tourists, rather than industrial views,

Whereas industrial scale solar panels or wind developments as allowed by the County’s proposed Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment would damage the beauty of Inyo County and create an industrial environment not attractive to tourists,

Whereas Mono County actively supports local food-based initiatives which complement tourism as Mono County’s primary economic engine,

Be it resolved that Owens Valley Growers Cooperative hereby calls on our County leadership to

reject the proposed Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment and to

work with Inyo County residents to develop plans focused on tourism and sustainable agriculture which further economic development in our community.


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