Dear Supervisor Tillemans,
I strongly oppose the proposed renewable energy Plan Amendment that would permit industrial scale projects in Inyo County.  Industrial projects such as the one proposed by the
L.A. Department of Water and Power east of Manzanar do not belong in this region.  This proposed development will permanently scar the beautiful landscape, and will irreparably
damage the environmental as well as the historic heritage of the region.

As a resident of Marin County, I have worked on preservation of Open Space in Lucas Valley.  We were one of the first counties to preserve Open Space for public enjoyment, visual preservation, and recreational use.  This plan has proven to have countless benefits and rewards for the present, as well as for future generations who will appreciate the treasures preserved as Open Space.

We are learning as a global community that we have few chances to preserve our land, the environment, and the earth. Please do not jeopardize this opportunity.  It must be protected for generations to come.

Thank you for your consideration.


Margaret Kathrein

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