Kevin Frew

Supervisor Tillemans,
I am writing to ask you not to support the solar project in the Owens Valley.
I have been unable to find any legitimate reason for the facility to be built here in our valley except for the fact that Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power already owns the land and they can do whatever they want.
It seems to me that the logic is the same used when the aquaduct was originally built by DWP, and we all know the history of that project and it’s abuse.
As one of your constituents, I ask that you, a freshman Supervisor, take a stand that truly represents the wishes of those you directly represent and say “no” to this project.
I believe that if the project was proposed to be built in another district of Inyo County, its representative Supervisor would not be too quick to rubber stamp his or her approval.
Your decision in this matter will be remembered by all future generations. Please do not let it be one that endorsed the end of the beautiful Owens Valley as we know it.
Kevin Frew

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