To the Inyo County Planning Department,

the Inyo County Planning Commission,


the Inyo County Board of Supervisors:

I am not a resident of the Owens Valley and I have only ever been there once, however it rates as number one on the places we visited on our brief visit to the states. This is no small feat as we also visited Yosemite NP, the bright lights of Vegas, the wonderful Monterey Peninsula, LA, Monument Valley and other awe inspiring places.

I think it was the peacefulness of Owens Valley as well as the expansive horizon with the powerful Sierra Nevada range on the west and the Inyo Mountains on the east that makes this place rate so highly for me.

Please don’t spoil this special valley, I would like to think that it will be the same in 1000 years as it was when we visited in 2008 and how it was in 1845 when the valley was given its name.


Jon Starling

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