Dear Members of the Board;

I have recently become aware of the project known as REGPA, the Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment, a solar project to be located just east of Manzanar Historic Site. I can picture acres of solar panels and electrical power lines and towers against a backdrop of the Sierra or Inyo Mountains. What a nightmare! My understanding is that there would be other such sites.

I wonder how you can encourage the destruction of any part of the incomparably beautiful Owens Valley landscape?

I grew up in Independence in the l930’s and 40’s and had an amazing childhood – roaming the sagebrush, hiking up and down the streams, riding my horse all over the Valley, hiking over the Sierra passes into the backcountry. From Winnedumah, the famous granite rock on the crest of the Inyos, the view east across Owens Valley to the sweep of the Sierra Nevada takes one’s breath away.

My parents, Paul and Mary DeDecker, not only loved the Valley, they fought hard to protect it. You can imagine how indignant Mary DeDecker would be over the DWP’s latest plan, a large-scale desecration of her beloved Valley. She would also focus on the environmental damage.

I’m all for solar energy in small-scale projects. Many of our Marin neighbors now have solar panels on their roofs and the number continues to grow. Can’t other urban areas, including Los Angeles, do the same?

My husband and I are now in our eighties but we still vacation in Owens Valley, which involves spending money on motels, gasoline and food. The area under your care has such incredible scenic wealth. I implore you to do your part to protect such a treasure for future generations. Nothing can be more important than your stewardship of the land.

Joan DeDecker Busby

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