Stop solar farms in Inyo:

I believe a solar farm in this region is a huge mistake as it would negatively impact the natural habitat and history. Before steps are taken to construct such a site in this area, at a minimum an environmental impact study should be conducted. I feel confident that such a study would reveal certain vegetation and animals that inhabit the area would be adversely affected and could even become extinct. While some areas appear to be barren, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of native species that call this area home and require this specific environment in order to survive. There is also unique history in the Inyo valleys that would be forever lost. Native American history is rich in this area and for thousands of years the Mono tribe, Coso people, Timbisha and Kawaiisu Native Americans has called it home. A solar farm would irrevocably destroy their history and homeland. In addition, the amounts of useable energy these types of mass solar farms generate have so far proven to be of little benefit. There are many reasons for this such as political agendas and constantly improving technology in terms of renewable energy – all of which has been reported globally by reputable media sources. While progress and sources of renewable energy are good things, leave it on the rooftops in the cities and the suburbs.

People passionately care about this area and that it is should remain in its natural state. I have travelled throughout this valley for decades and discover something new and amazing each time that I do. Taking this away from future generations would be a huge mistake.


Felicia Gunther, Santa Clarita, CA

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