Your voice is the most important part of protecting and preserving Inyo County. Make sure you let your elected supervisor know that their constituency supports the protection of Inyo County, and not the over-development of its most precious lands.

District 1:
Linda Arcularius
Work: 760-387-2692 / cell: 760-937-2486
Work email: / Personal email:

District 2:
Jeff Griffiths
Work: 760-937-0072
Work email:

District 3:
Rick Pucci
Work: 760-878-0373 (Independence Office) / 760-872-0917 (district office)
Personal email:

District 4:
Mark Tillemans
Work: 760-938-2024 / Cell: 760-878-8506
Work email:

District 5:
Matt Kingsley
Work: 760-878-8508
Work email:


Inyo County Board of Supervisors
P.O. Drawer N

Independence, CA  93526