Supervisor Matt Kingsley,

Please do not vote to approve the zoning changes….. Inyo County needs protecting from this kind of wrong headed thinking. What’s good for DWP and industrial solar is not good for Inyo county.
Almost none of the people you have heard from that are against these zoning changes and the DWP solar site in specific are against having solar in the valley. We just don’t want it sticking a thumb in the middle of the view shed that brings people here to recreate, own second homes and live.
Almost all of my business is with people that buy second homes in Inyo county with the plan to move here. They love the desert as well as the Sierra’s. In fact the accessibility of the desert and the valley floor make it a “first choice” destination for a hike or a trail ride….. many of these people will be signing the petition against these zoning changes.

I will consider a vote for these proposed zoning changes to be a vote against my business interests and the economic health of this county.

I want you to extend the aesthetic sense you display in your home and on your property to the rest of the valley. This is the true economic future of Inyo County.

Coale Johnson
Carroll Creek Builders

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