Chris Iversen

Inyo County Board of Supervisors

Inyo County Planning Commission

I am writing this letter out of concern for the proposed industrial solar ranch on DWP land in the area across from Manzanar.

The thing that really upsets me is that I just recently found out the details of this. It seems to have just snuck up on us without the residents of Inyo County really knowing what is in store for them. Most of the people I have talked to in the last week are completely unaware of what is going on or the impacts it would cause. It’s flying under the radar and it seems like by the time people realize the true impacts of this project it will be too late to do anything to stop it. This project would permanently change the landscape of Inyo County for all residents and tourists.

I moved here 25 years ago because of this areas large open wild spaces. It was the thing that brought me here and it is why I stay.

I  am also a local business owner who caters to locals and tourists who are also here because they enjoy the undeveloped beauty that our county has to offer.  With such a small population base Inyo County desperately needs the revenue brought in by tourists.  Fortunately the thing Inyo has going for it is its incredible open spaces and beauty. This is why so many people come here to visit. We should be encouraging tourism. It’s just beyond me who thought that putting this project in across the street from a highly visited National Historic Site was a good idea. Inyo County isn’t the place for LA to “hide” its solar ranch. It would be a permanent blight on the landscape. We won’t be able to get the view back once something like this is installed. Not to mention this is probably just the start of many poorly thought out solar installations. There is nothing positive for Inyo County in this project.

Solar panels are a great idea. I have them on my own house. That’s where they belong. LA has plenty of buildings and houses to put panels on to generate power. It makes the most sense to put them up on existing structures and to keep them near infrastructure to transport the energy the shortest distance to where it is needed. Putting up acres of panels in wild areas far from where the power is needed is a bad idea. There is plenty of information at this time that this concept of distant solar ranches is not the best way to deal with renewable energy. This project will only be a detriment to Inyo residents. It won’t bring more income to the area, it won’t create long term jobs or tax revenue. It will permanently change the landscape for the worse.

Inyo County has so much going for it. Please don’t let LADWP come in and do whatever they want as if we don’t care. Please vote against this project. LADWP has the resources to make a more intelligent decision that makes longer term sense than putting up panels in our county

Chris Iversen

Bishop, CA

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