Mr. Tilleman,

I understand that you believe there is only a very small minority of people who are against the proposed 1200 acre solar field in Inyo County. I actually have found quite the opposite, that there are actually few people that approve of it or even know about it. I also understand you conducted a door to door survey but you did not knock on our door and we live near you in Big Pine. So I’m wondering whose doors you knocked on, if any. Was it only the doors of people you knew would side with you?

And when I say “disagree” I don’t only mean the proposed solar field but also the changing of the zoning from ag to industrial. What are you guys trying to do this valley? Did we learn nothing from what they did to our water? Sure now they say it’s just a 1% area. Well what will it be in 20 or 50 years? Much more than 1% I’m sure. Just like they told the ranchers long ago we’re just going to take a little of your water.
I believe you and your fellow supervisors need to listen to the people that live, work, love and are committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of this valley. So many people in L.A. don’t see the value in this valley and if you approve this plan as it is you are only contributing to the lack of respect this valley receives from Los Angeles.
We depend on tourism for our livelihood in the Owens Valley, who wants to come up to visit or photograph a valley full of solar panels and wind turbines?! Don’t let L.A. take what we have left. They won’t be happy until they are selling tickets to the people of L.A. to the Ghost Town/Amusement Park of what once was the Owens Valley.

Cat Connor Spradlin
Cat Connor Cats Eye Design & Photography

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