On April 1st, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors will direct the Planning Department, based on their own decisions and the input they have received up until this point, on how to move forward concerning the REGPA. The item is on the agenda for 1:30pm, and the decisions made on the 1st will lead to any revisions, if they are recommended by the board.

A press conference will be held at 12:00 noon on the steps of the Inyo County Courthouse, where members of the community will speak about their concerns with the plan and the reasons the Board of Supervisors should ask the Planning Department to completely revise it, including the removal of the current renewable energy development areas, or REDA’s. There are significant conflicts between preexisting documents such as the Land Management Plan and the REGPA, and some of these issues will be discussed at the press conference. Detailed explanations of these faults in the REGPA documentation can be read right here on Deepest Valley, by browsing though the many letters to supervisors we’ve posted online.

Please make plans to be in attendance on Tuesday, April 1st. The Board of Supervisors has repeated expressed their gratitude for such significant public input in this process; we want to make sure they see we’re still hopeful that they’ll make the right decision.

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  1. Jeanne Crowley Yu

    As a 10th grader, in 1968, I was blessed to be brought to Owens Valley/Lone Pine, to visit a family cabin. Having just studied Geology (in NYC suburbs), I was stuck by the extraordinary beauty of the land, the water, the mountains, the Alabama Hills, the sounds, and the vistas I saw as we drove into the Valley. This memory is burned into my mind and heart. I come back periodically to visit this land of enchantment, just to drink in all the beauty and strength that I can take back with me when I go home.

    These days, I live in Washington DC. I see the politics, the power struggles, and the importance of people sharing their views, their needs, and their expectations of those in places of influence, to be good stewards of our land, our communities.

    As a member of Father Crowley’s extended family, I think of all the work that he and the people who have lived many years in the valley, put into finding ways to make Owens Valley a gift to all who travel and live in the valley now. I hope that any decisions made, regarding the disruption of the Valley’s beauty, vistas, and resources, will respect the sacredness of what the pristine nature has to offer, and pave the way for a future which holds the same promise and offerings for future residents and visitors.

  2. Paul Fretheim

    Amazingly democracy still works in Inyo County! The planning Department came back to the Supervisors on Tuesday, April 1 with a good proposal and it is what the Supervisors made clear is what they want to go forward with.

    The only zones left for industrial solar are the Owens lakebed, the Rose Valley, a small REDA near Laws, the north end of the Searles Valley and Charleston View.

    The Owens Valley, Panamint Valley, Centennial Flat, the Fish Lake Valley, the Chicago Valley, Deep Springs Valley and Ash Meadows were all removed from the REGPA!

    Yes the citizen input was virtually unanimous and overwhelming, but it is still somewhat of a surprise to see the will of the people prevail. It’s great!


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