Deepest Valley is a group of community members and citizens that are passionate about the protection and well-being of Inyo County, California. Although the website takes its name from a popular book by Genny Smith and Jeff Putnam from 1976, referring to the Owens Valley in particular, we here at Deepest Valley are concerned with all of Inyo County, including the incredible expanses of Death Valley National Park, the remote desert regions of the far southeastern corners of the county, the High Sierra and the tallest peaks in the lower forty-eight states, the ancient and sacred Inyo and White Ranges to the east, and everything in between.

Although Inyo County is one of the largest in our entire country, it is also one of the least populated, and its communities are spread far and wide across dramatic landscapes. We feel Deepest Valley provides the community at large a much-needed place to gather and share ideas about how to protect our delicate home, and retain its beauty for many generations to come.

As challenges and issues arise, we’ll be here to help each of you make your voice heard. We believe that political discourse, informed commentary, and contributions from writers, authors, educators, scientists, and citizens all help us find our way forward in the protection of our lands and our communities.

The story of Inyo continues – make yourself part of it.



We believe public commentary is an important part of effecting change. Many of the posts, articles and documents on our site allow comments, however there are a few things to keep in mind: Comments are moderated by the site editors. No trolling, name-calling, lousy logic or wild conjecture is allowed. We hold everyone to a high and exacting standard when it comes to public discourse, and this includes commentary on our site. Let’s elevate the dialogue – not drag it down.